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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Sorry I haven't been writing lately

...also known as, Walsh Library, Reference Desk, how may I help you?

I'm writing this from the library, of course, during the last 20 minutes of my shift. Yes! All of you can shake your heads and go, "yes, yes, we saw it all along, jane's working at the library... we knew it... that high school yearbook photo from graduation, where she looks like a librarian, yes, yes, we knew it all along." Yes! Look at me, behind the desk in the Reference Room! I just walked around and turned off monitors and reshelved three books! (From PN 1993-PN 1995, all books about film, huzzah). And I told one woman that the library would be open for another half hour. Yes, that is me. Authority! Ha ha! Just wait 'til I get to tell someone to "shhh!" (Unlikely.... my shift is Wednesday and Thursday nights from 8pm - 11pm -- not too much rowdiness at all... oh, and every other Friday from 9-5pm.. hopefully that will be riveting!)

This is a lovely part-time job to have as I study for comprehensive exams. I got through all of the epistemological sections in Books V and VI of the Republic (the sun, the divided line, opinion vs. belief, that sort of thing), makin' lots of notes in multiple colours with my pretty new pens. I also cruised around the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, lookin' at some of the stuff about middle vs. late dialogues on the Forms. Yes, yes, all very exciting stuff! Woo hoo! This is me, studying for the whole summer!

So, that's about it for now... I could post a bunch of links to philosophy pages I found, but I'm not sure anyone other than the other comps studyin' folks here would find that so interesting, & I'll just talk to them in person. So there.

I'll probably write more, now that I have this little chunk of work to do.

(Oh yes, I'm also working about 5 hours a week for Dr. Tress, still, on the Journal of Neoplatonic Studies... and also stuff for the 2004 Ancient & Medieval Philosophy Conference (the webpage linked to is actually from the 2003 conference, but presumably will be updated at some point). So I'm keeping busy).

Yay! Fun!

OK, done now. Love you all...

jane 10:33 PM [+]

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