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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

random stuff from after a low-key christmas get-together thing

Just up at my neighbours' having some nog and red wine as a last-ditch holiday party, before folks head off to visit family. Some folks are then back in town real soon, or heading off to the APA (American Philosophical Association) meeting at the end of December, or whatever. I feel kind of weird that I'm flying home tomorrow and won't be back in NYC until the 11th of January, but I really need to get away and recharge.

I've wondered this before -- what counts as home? If I were still dating Richard, given that he's going to be here all during the holidays, then here would feel like home. At least -- I wouldn't stay in Canada as long. But, at the same time, it still feels like I won't be back for that long - 5 days with my mom, 5 days in Ottawa (hometown!) with the crew there, a week in Toronto with the college friends -- it's not a long time to spend with people who are, in a very real sense, constitutive of who I am today. I think that I was formed a lot more by my university and high school friends than by my grad school friends, no matter how much I've been learning since I got to nyc, and no matter how many of their mannerisms & musical tastes I pick up.

.,.. but who knows?

So lately I've been spending a lot of time lurking on MetaFilter, which I realize all the cool kids started hangin' out on years ago, but whatever. It was strange -- I saw a couple comments by an old friend of mine from Ottawa on there, and emailed him to say hi. Hopefully we'll go for coffee in Ottawa & catch up a bit.

Hm. I've had some wine and am feeling maudlin, and want to ramble on about my feelings, but don't really want anyone to read them, particularly Richard, who is liable to wander over and read this nonsense. Ex-boyfriends kind of take the fun out of a blog. Note to self -- blogs should be friends-only; no boyfriends allowed. (given that they'll always turn into ex-boyfriends).

P.S. added January 2, 2005: apparently maudlin ramblings on blogs have effects, since apparently people do read them, including people mentioned in them... but he says he won't be reading anymore.

So I can come out of the closet with my crush on Justin Timberlake.

No, well, oh well. Anyway. Happy New Year.

jane 1:03 AM [+]

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