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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

So instead of writing my paper, what am I doing?

OK, so if you haven't taken a look at the Anne Rice Amazon thing by now, you're really missing out. Particularly if you've liked her books in the past. The whole thing is about her having posted a "rebuttal" on Amazon to the readers who trashed her latest book. (Google "anne rice comments amazon" to get the whole story, including her statement about it on her own website).

But the comments by the other readers are what is priceless. For example:

this post from November 3, 2004, written by a 13-year old:

Okay, for the controversy, Blood Canticle was an awesome book. For those of you giving it bad ratings, you are so incompetent that you don't understand anything about the book. I've e-mailed Ms. Rice, and to me she seemed disappointed with you people for being so inhumane and unforgiving. I very much agree!

I understand the character of Lestat more than all the other books now. Ms. Rice has really nailed him this time. He exactly as she describes him, arrogant, sophisticated, fun-loving, well-dressed, savvy, hilarious, insane, wanting-to-be-a-saint, chararismatic and smart! If you want the old Lestat back, whatever, go for it. I personally like the hip Lestat better.

However, Ms. Rice is almost at her best in this book. It is deeply detailed, perfectly portrayed, and a sensational hit! I do agree with those you say it isn't right for children. Children are too immature, and they don't understand the concept, just like some of these adults. I myself am thirteen, yet I understand the book completely. So mature a little, then go ahead and re-read this lovely novel.

I've been reading the Chronicles since I was 11, and I'm am totally enamored of Lestat's character. I have also read The Witching Hour, Lasher, Taltos, Pandora, and Vittorio the Vampire. I read at college level, so I know good books when I read them.

The perversion of these attacks personally affect me and all others who are fans of Anne Rice. You insult her, you insult me. Is it not enough that her husband has died, and that she is under enormous pressure from these worthless fiends who write obscene comments about her? Guess not. Why don't you just take a baseball bat to her and work her over a while? That ought to satisfy your cruelty.

And for the record, this is probably just a waste of time. You people are so wrapped up in yourselves that you care
non-whatsoever for others. You don't even deserve the right to apologize to Ms. Rice. You utterly disgust me.

Also, you attack Ms. Rice herself with comments such as ,"Go mourn your dead husband." or "Good thing she stopped writing." You know what? YOU try dealing with the death of a loved one and stil continuing your career. Anne Rice is writing for a living, so why don't you insult some business owner or a cashier at a store? Hmmm???

You can bite me for all I care! You are pathetic imbeciles just looking for attention! Leave this poor woman alone! Just don't mess with her!

However, it is unfair of me to insult you if I don't even know you that well.(Might want to take THAT hint...) Anyways, I apologize. Blood Canticle was a really great book! It was my favorite of all the Chronicles. It really does hurt me that people would say such nasty things like Ms. Rice didn't write the novel, or she could have done better. I was sorrowful to learn that this was the last of a series I enjoyed so much, but all good things must come to an end. You can't expect the author to live forever, or people to commit to the series.

That being said, I hope this will help reviewers out there to take in what I've said. Thank you for your time to read this, and please think this review over.

P.S. Lestat is not a wuss! He is a brave, compassionate, tortured soul!!!! He is my hero! I LOVE LESTAT!!!!!!


Ahh, just a good reminder that precocious reading abilities do not equal good literary discernment. (And I'm not being mean -- I seem to recall myself being much the same at that age, and equally sentimental.... although about Les Miserables.... I think I waited until I was 14 to get into the Anne Rice.

(I particularly enjoyed, so I'll quote it again: "I do agree with those you say it isn't right for children. Children are too immature, and they don't understand the concept, just like some of these adults. I myself am thirteen, yet I understand the book completely. So mature a little, then go ahead and re-read this lovely novel." It's just too good)

jane 10:23 AM [+]

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