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Friday, January 14, 2005

Curse the pain!

Argh! My back is aching... a couple days ago I carried, amongst other heavy things, a heavy hammer, in my shoulder bag, and my back hasn't been the same since. Yes, I am horribly unfit. I think I'll take a bubble bath later this evening.

My return to New York has been, of course, charming. Such as my flight being 45 minutes delayed so that LaGuardia could clear some landing space since it was too busy; then being another 25 minutes delayed for last minute maintenance paperwork (which clearly could not have been done during the first 45 minute delay, while the plane was just hangin' out at Pearson, minding its own business). Then getting to LaGuardia and not being able to find my friend Reuben, who was picking me up. Then almost losing my funky shoes. Then the horrible rain as we drove back on the highways, such that (a) we could not see anything resembling lanes, and (b) were continually sandwiched between the opposing traffic and Really Big Trucks.

Last night was my friend Ariane's birthday celebration, at a cafe near me... Richard, of course, was there. We chatted for a bit, but then he saw fit instead to chat up a girl we know from Psychology.... for hours, while I tried to ignore them bending their heads toward each other. ARGH! Anyway, I had a lot of wine (of course -- I had to help the birthday girl!), and yelled at Richard as he left with the girl(yes, I yelled, and called him a fucker, in public... very tacky... very unlike me... argh)... then I burst into tears, left the cafe, walked home, called Reuben to ask where the girl lived, walked past her apartment, saw Richard wasn't outside, walked to Richard's... and apologized to him for my behaviour. We chatted awhile, then he walked me home.

All very tumultuous.

Then I read Shake Hands with the Devil for a couple hours.

Yes, of course it put me in a better mood. Why on earth do you ask?

In other news, guess who's speaking on February 11th at the New School? Romeo Dallaire and Samantha Power, that's who! So I've RSVP'ed, and I'm rounding up others to go down. Huzzah!

In still other news, my syllabus is up on the Fordham Library E-reserves section (for some reason the link isn't working right now... but if you go to the Fordham Library site, then choose "Electronic Reserve Desk," then search by instructor "dryden," you can find it. In case you wanted to look at my syllabus). I got my preliminary class list - 15 students! - and my classroom assignation - Keating 317, which is right around the corner from Dr. Tress's office (the professor I used to work for, who I'm doing an independent study with this term). Excellent.

And I sent off my Royce conference submission. Wish me luck! (Of course, now that I've sent it, it's the most horrible paper ever, and they will laugh at me as they read it. Curse you, Vanderbilt! Damn it, but I want to go to Nashville!)

jane 11:20 PM [+]

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