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Saturday, February 12, 2005

I've kidnapped Megan and she'll never come back! muahahaha!

Thanks, everyone (Natalia, Paul, Jennifer, Sarah, Dawn, Lisa, Andrew), for my present. Megan brought up the Canadiana yesterday, includng the greatest Canadian present ever... which would be... er, the greatest Canadian. Now I can curl up with all these great Canadian guys in my laptop DVD player and watch them in bed. Mmmm. Thanks!!!! (you guys are the greatest ever).

Seeing Romeo Dallaire and Samantha Power (both currently at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy) last night at the New School was so exciting. The house was packed; they'd had to turn people away; there was piles of energy; Dallaire was so optimistic about the eventual ability of the human race to overcome violence and genocide ("A couple of hundred years.... but only a couple of hundred years..."); Power was clear and direct, not afraid to be very personal with Dallaire, in a way that showed how courageous he has been.

They're both so honest, so refreshing, so frank, so committed to the cause of ending genocide. (Power had an op-ed piece in Thursday's NY Times about the situation in Darfur and the US's reluctance to participate in the International Criminal Court). What's exciting is that both of them seem to think it can be done...

and back to frivolity

Megan and I are going to wander around the city now... more later!

Megan's guest bit, in the main space of the blog!!

Ooh! Hi Jane, long time listener, first time blogger... This is fun!!

So, Jane's been showing me around Manhattan a bit. I flew into Newark yesterday (NEVER change your flight at the last minute, horrible things happen) and I followed Jane's directions to get to Fordham. Let me tell you, I was convinced I was going to die in New Jersey. And the customs people were great too.

Customs Lady: Where are you going?
Innocent Little Me: New York. *smile*
CL: It says on your ticket that you're going to Newark.
ILM: Isn't that the same thing?
CL: No. When was the last time you were in the US?
ILM: Oh, 6 maybe 7 years ago... *smile*
CL: *glare of death that I don't come to her fair country enough*

I'm never leaving home again. But I am enjoying the wandering. We're going to see the Brooklyn Bridge!

Ah, poor Megan

OK, more later... sorry to mix up the genocide stuff with the frivolous stuff... but it all looks to be a very stimulating weekend. Especially the fact that once I ship Megan off back to the Motherland,* I have a date to see Finding Neverland with a boy!

* "But there is also a subversive edge to living in Canada, an ability to see Amerika for what it really is and to be able to reject it, or at least to play with it and use it for our own purposes. I reject Amerika as the fatherland and I embrace Canada as the Motherland."

jane 9:50 AM [+]

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