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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sovereignty, schmovereignty

From Macleans:
U.S. officials have indicated they didn't really need Canada's help, but would have appreciated political support from their neighbour as they attempted to sell the plan abroad.

Good times with missile defense nonsense, and the accompanying discussion on Metafilter.

(I particularly liked this comment on the situation:

I don't think you understand.

America has a sacred duty to defend Canada's' right to American leadership!

As Americans, we share a common cultural and ethnic heritage with Canadians: both countries speak the same language (except for a few unfortunate Quebecois) and are derived form the same British racial stock (except for some minorities from the East Mexico and, as inevitably as great cities attract rats, a smattering of Jews).

Indeed, it is a mere accident of history that British North America is not united in one common Empire. Truly, Canada could be called "Northern America".

Canadian Chancellor Schuschnigg is foolish to defy the American Protector for Canada, Mr. Celluci, and even more foolish to resist the historic re-Union of the North American Empire. He should recall the fate of the late Canadian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss.

If necessary to preserve the territorial integrity of Canada and the freedom of the Canadian people to join in our American Empire, we are prepared to annex Canada as a U.S. state. We know how to protect the ten million ethnic Americans living on ours borders - whether in Canada, the Danzig Corridor, or the Sudetenland!

We and the Canadians are one People, and they deserve to be led by our Leader, President Bush! One People, One Empire, One Leader!

Continued Canadian intransigence can have but one resolution: Anschlu├č!

posted by orthogonality at 12:51 PM PST on February 24

Good times. Good times.)

a quick update
(very quick)

Third date: good; dinner at Roberto's; wine at my place; overnight snuggling; in the morning I had coffee, he had tea. (he drinks not the coffee. alas.)
Fourth date: this sunday; meeting at 4 at his place in Brooklyn; wandering around Prospect Park; then a couple of his friends are joining us to watch the Oscars from his place (this should be fun - watching the Oscars with folks who actually know something about film!!)

jane 5:48 PM [+]

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