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Monday, May 02, 2005

I [heart] NY

Yesterday. Went down to Battery Park with my friend Josh (who may eventually read this). Sat around drinkin' coffee & watchin' the tourists, including one mop-headed boy. (Seriously. A mop.)

Eventually started walkin' up through Battery Park City, where all the folks were out sunning themselves and playing volleyball. Then walked through Tribeca and SoHo, through the hordes in town for the festival.

We sat outside on a bar-cafe-restaurant on West Houston St., right between Thompson and Sullivan. The bar's name was Jane. Yay! Josh had a yummy, spicy bloody mary and I had champagne. It was delicious. I looked at the light flowing through it and sipped and tasted the sun. My mom called, and as I was talking to her on my cellphone, champagne in my other hand, Willem Dafoe walked by. Neat.

We kept walking. Walked up through the West Village, then sat for a bit in Washington Square Park, where we watched some skateboarders.

We kept walking, up University, past Union Square, over to 5th Ave, then back over through Gramercy Park, where we passed on awesome building (81 Irving Place) with crazy gargoyles. (through Gramercy Park neighbourhood; not the park itself, to which only residents of the area get keys.)

We kept walking. We passed a cozy-looking bar that had fifteen minutes left on its happy hour and $4 pints of Guinness. We stopped in; the bartender was a cute girl with long black hair; we each had a pint (Josh had Stella; obviously I had Guinness); we left; we kept walking.

We kept walking, up through Murray Hill, over along 34th St., past the Empire State building, stopped into the H&M at Herald Square (I bought a nice red shirt), turned and walked up Broadway.

We kept walking, up through Times Square, yes I ate McDonalds, and while waiting outside for Josh (who'd stopped into the men's room), saw mop-headed boy again. Yes, the same one.

We kept walking up Broadway, then over on 55th to 9th Ave in Hell's Kitchen, past bars, then over to 12th and the West Side Highway, saw the HUGE Con-Ed Steam plant between 58th & 59th, that provides the subway system with power. Massive building. We walked back over to West End Ave., then ultimately back to Broadway.

We kept walking, up Broadway, but all the liquor stores were closed since it was 9.30 pm on a Sunday, and the streets were relatively quiet.

We kept walking, then stopped in for a cup of coffee at a 24 hour place at 85th or so.

We kept walking.

We kept walking.

We went to a grocery store for beer and cookies and a drug store for more allergy meds.

Natalia, we walked past Smoke, at 106th st.

We walked back down a couple blocks to Josh's.

Exhausted, we sat and drank beer, then went to sleep.

We walked Manhattan.

jane 2:24 PM [+]

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