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Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm officially finished teaching for the semester

Man. I just posted my students' final grades. I am officially finished with that class. (Well, I have to send a quick email to one of my students, telling him his mark on his last paper, but I'm taking my time about that since he's never shown any initiative in coming to talk to me about it. He decided to completely check out of the last chunk of the class, and consequently got the worst mark -- a C- -- even after I graded his exam as generously as I could... I think I even gave him a mark just for spelling 'utilitarianism' correctly -- and he still got a 49 on the exam.)

Crazy, eh?

Anyway. If anyone's curious, the average grade on my final exam was a B-, which seems about right, and the average grade in the course was a B+. Folks either did really well on the exam (I gave a lot of marks in the high 90s) or really badly -- leading me to believe that it was an easy exam if you studied & knew your stuff, but that if you didn't, it was hard to fake it. That seems about right to me.

It's just crazy to think that the grade I just gave is going to go into their GPA, and that I'm a real fucking university instructor. What the fuck do I know? Just a little bit about philosophy -- aaargh.

Anyway, I still have to finish my independent study. But that's OK. I've been listening to all my old tapes -- a mix that Rob Vincent gave me back in '97, some Cure, and I think I'm going to put some Cocteau Twins that Ian Clysdale copied for me on next.

Symbolism: I was cleaning up my room. I picked up my Fall 2004 notebook (i.e., the semester of horrible breakuposity and my impossible Husserl incomplete) to put it away, and a bunch of cockroach babies (like 20!) crawled out. I killed them all, then shook the notebook, and a big fucking dead mommy cockroach fell out.

I guess that semester (and all it involved) is bloody well over at this point. I'm almost done coursework, I've finished my incomplete paper, I'm OVER Richard (SO OVER!), I'm movin' on.

Next stop: dissertation proposal, teaching Human Nature, a summer of workin' at the library & playin' guitar & dancin' & hangin'. It'll be great.

(oh yeah -- and seeing Dawn & Lisa & whoever else comes up! yay! And Megan -- see you tomorrow!!)

jane 2:16 PM [+]

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