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Friday, August 12, 2005

Update... various things

This will be relatively brief, as I should get to work on my proposal. I'm at my last shift at the reference desk at the library, and am here until 5pm. I should be able to get a lot of stuff done, but of course, there's always the lure of the evil internet.

First of all, for ex-Whitney-ites, there's a link off of Jennifer's blog to join the Whitney Hall group. (I don't know how to set up a button for myself. Oh well. This will probably do for now).

Second, I went to my friend Aaron's wedding last Saturday. It was truly lovely -- it was down in Chinatown, as Suesan, his bride, is Chinese Catholic. The church was pretty and very very old, down on Mott Street - the Church of the Transfiguration. It really stands out in the neighbourhood, as the photos show in the link. The wedding was lovely, albeit ultra-conservative Catholic (too much mass! aaaaugh!), and there was lots of very very very good food at the reception in the church basement (yummy Chinese buns and all sorts of goodies), and very very tasty at the banquet at the Oriental Palace Restaurant (103-105 Mott Street). There were even chicken heads.

People, of course, had to demonstrate their love for the chicken heads, as you can see below. Poor little chicken head. There was also lobster, and prawns, and steak, and abalone, and shark's fin soup, and everything.

Ah yes, lots of love for the chicken heads (there was lots of wine at the banquet, of course). Amy and Josh, both more or less vegetarians, had a special bond with the chicken head. Here's Amy, loving that head.

And Josh, in his old glasses that he recently found and has started wearing again (I think they make him look like a New York Intellectual), with the chicken head. LOVE IT!

Needless to say, there was a lot of frivolity.

In addition to eating good food and being super-happy for my friend Aaron, I also got to kind of meet Richard's new girlfriend. Her name is Bazhonka, or Bajonka, or something like that. It's some sort of Eastern European name. Anyway, you can see her & Richard in the back of this photo of me & Josh. (The one, to the left of Richard, in the black dress with the deep V; the woman Richard's actually talking to in this photo is one of our lovely philosophy department secretaries, Margaret)

She's also in the back of this photo.

And of this one. Oh yeah, check out that wine bottle. For our table of 7 (Josh, me, Paul, Amy, Craig, Rosie, Sterling), we went through five bottles of wine, and Craig and Josh didn't even have any -- they had endless bottles of Tsingtao beer. Ah yes. Oh, and I had some beer as well. This is after the wine we had at the bar we went to between the reception and dinner.

This photo is after much, much wine. I think I'm a little flushed.

Anyway, do any of the St. Catherine folks vaguely recognize her, off in the back of the first three photos? I can send you a photo of her & Richard up close, but I'd rather not post it to my blog. Anyway, whatever. Who cares? (For the record, we weren't actually introduced -- Richard introduced her around to everyone else, but kind of avoided me... I ended up chatting with them both much later in the evening, as I was leading folks to the Bulgarian Social Club (a.k.a. Mehanata) at Broadway & Canal -- I was chatting with her then, about the bar, but didn't bother introducing myself at that point. Anyway... seems nice, but whatever. I'm over it!)

Besides, look how adorable Josh is.

In still other news, I'm almost done my proposal, but I'm not expecting my advisor, Michael Baur, to have a look at it any time soon... his wife, who was expecting twins (due Octoberish), went into the hospital last week for careful observation. Earlier this week they had to perform an emergency C-section -- they saved one, but the other, Jacob, was stillborn. Daniel, the one they saved, is in an incubator, and apparently has been doing much better. So we're all thinking about them and wishing them well. (so, so, so bittersweet.... hey, they have their first son... but to lose one as well...!?!)

I think German Idealism is the last thing on Dr. Baur's mind right now.

OK, that's all for now... expect more today as I procrastinate (though I did get lots of work done the last two days at the Hungarian Pastry Shop). (Oh, and I found out that if you have a photo ID from outside the NYC metro area, you can use the Columbia library - for reading, whatever - but if you have one from within the NYC metro area - i.e., a Fordham ID - then you can't go in! Grrr! I just wanted to use their air conditioning! Anyway. Too bad I lost my U of Toronto ID. I could have used that to get in. Grrr.)

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