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Sunday, December 04, 2005

My dad really is losing it

He's been sending me & a couple of his friends endless links to new comments on articles in the Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star, and so forth. Sometimes the papers don't put his comments up, such as this letter to the editor at the Montreal Gazette:
>From: alexander dryden
To: letters@thegazette.canwest.com
Subject: Zillions of dollar$
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2005 22:03:48 -0500

Dear Gazette,

I think it's absolutely wonderful that tens of thousands of lunatics should
descend for two weeks on Montreal with nothing to do but celebrate the End
of the World, and spend zillions of dollars doing it.

I have seen it before -- the spending of zillions of dollars -- but not the
celebration of the End of the World that accompanies this Kyoto thing ...
what is it ... this LIE that carbon dioxide etc. etc.

it is a lie. It is a nonsense. Every single piece of scientific fact --
fact, not hypothesis -- fact, not pre-programmed computer-model premise --
completely and absolutely shows that all this Kyoto so-called "science" is
... a scam.

Yes. A Scam -- a deliberate attempt by Maurice-Maurice Strong, best friend
of Prime-Moron Pinocchio (sp?) Martin to get western countries to give
zillions of dollars (with Strong and friends collecting commissions) to the
third-world's murderous dictators (including China), whose leaders would
have to do nothing at all -- except pay their commissions to Strong et al.
and get extremely. very rich.

If the Gazette has not done its journalistic duty in exploring this story,
I recommend that it publish this letter, with some wee sentence that says
it's upholding the freedom of speech -- however weakly.

Best regards for a newspaper I once respected,

Alex Dryden

So that's a little c razy -- but this one, I think, shows my dad actually falling off his rocker -- (it starts from the bottom of an email to me and some of his cronies)
PS: here's another one, with refernce to a money-laundering "job-offer" from Workopolis, jointily owned by the GliberalMail & TurdStar, sent to the RCMP:


I have wished a couple of times, including this time, to inform you of what
I think may well be a "scam" -- or, indeed, in this case, an
institutionalized form of money-laundering.

Your (i.e., the RCMP's) Web site is completely, absolutely and utterly
incapable of handling such information.

Is the RCMP still working in the Trudeau days? Has it regressed, but not
recovered from the cretin days?

Is the RCMP really, seriously, honestly interested in getting info. on crime
over its Web site?

Frankly, I doubt it.

If you want such information as I have, or if you want some REALLY SERIOUS
ADVICE about how to do your info. job properly, please reply.

((PS: Whoever receives this note should be assured that the msg. and its
time of transmission has been copied to a number of other recipients,
including some of a political nature.))
So, that's a little bizarre.

In other news, I've been looking at student drafts. Oh my....

jane 6:03 PM [+]

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