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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Conference over! Spring break soon!

Whew! The Fordham Philosophical Society's Third Biennial Conference is over! That was a lot of work, a lot of alcohol, and very little sleep. But we pulled it off OK, I think. People seemed to have a good time. And one of our participants knows Sarah, which is groovy (and also Kathleen's brother & sister-in-law, which is also groovy) -- we actually had two folks in from University of Ottawa. Very cool indeed. (No other Canadians -- and in fact the one who knows Sarah is not a Canadian originally but is in fact Californian. Faker!)

(We still need to go through & settle up & finish up the budget & submit reimbursement forms, etc., etc,. etc., but the stressful work part of the work is over.)

Also, folks seemed to like my response to one of the papers. (I can send it to any of you who are interested in seeing it; it got some laughs. I call it, "My Fichte Stand-up Comedy Act", but apparently people also thought it was intellectually OK & philosophically interesting. Who knows? Whatever. Given that I was talking about someone who once published an essay called A Crystal Clear Report to the General Public Concerning the Actual Essence of the Newest Philosophy: An Attempt to Force the Reader to Understand, my material's already pretty good.)

No news yet about funding for next year, except that we now Know That Our Department Chair Knows, and that he's Not Telling Us Anything Yet. Which is giving many of us (myself included) nightmares and cold sweats. Argh. I guess if I do move back to Ottawa, though, I'll know a bazillion people.

And finally, I'm happy to say that this Friday I'm flying off to Seattle with my friend Reuben, where we're going to join Doug the Jesuit for a weeklong roadtrip around the northwest -- hitting Portland, Seattle, Spokane, and the wonderful Vancouver, where my uncle will put us up, take us kayaking, and feed us BBQed salmon. YES!!!

(And even finally-er, no, I still haven't done much more work on my dissertation since February 13th.)

How are all of you? Megan, having a good time back in Canada-land?

jane 11:44 AM [+]

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