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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day of crappy bank frustration, mitigated by discovery of new comic

Listen to my tale of woe. I went online today to check my washington mutual account, to make sure I had enough money to get my new passport ($97) -- I figured if I didn't have enough there, I would transfer some money to my US credit card ,so that I would have at least $97 free on the credit card balance. So far, so good.

I went online and saw that my balance was $ -185! and nearly had a heart attack! It said that my stipend cheque, for $250, that I deposited last week, didn't exist -- that I'd deposited an empty envelope. ARGH!!!!

I went to my office & double checked that I'd taken the check off its stub, which I had, which means I must have deposited, since otherwise I wouldn't have detached the cheque & the cheque would still be there. I had stub, no cheque. Therefore, deposited cheque. Right?

I called Washington Mutual & the best they could tell me was that they'd do an investigation, which takes 5 business days (i.e., 'til next Wednesday). I asked if
it would make sense for me to have Fordham cut me a new cheque, but they said no, since if WaMu found the old cheque they would deposit it right away.

So now I have to wait 5 business days in case they find it. But what if it's still lost? argh.

If they find it, then they'll take off the $60-some-odd of overdraft charges. Which will be good. If they don't find it, then I have to have Fordham stop payment on the lost cheque, and I'm still responsible for the overdraft charges.

I hate banks. It's frustrating, since I've been depositing cheques in ATM machines for years, with never anything bad happening.


OK, now the new comic I promised you. I've also linked to it on the lefthand side of this blog. It's Cat and Girl. If you're procrastinating, just start reading through the archives. It's all good.


Last thing -- you may have noticed a link to my livejournal account up above; I'm not switching over or anything; it's just so that I can keep up with livejournal people & also look through communities. Like the one entitled 'gradschool_hell'. Yes, brilliant.

jane 9:58 PM [+]

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