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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wham! Pow!

The other day I was at a department lecture and was kind of distracted -- it was a good talk, but it would have been better had the speaker prepared a handout with a flowchart or something to make the progress of her argument easier to follow. Anyway. I decided that, rather than simply doodling, I would put together a draft of what would be a dream course: "Philosophy and Comics." I sketched out a tentative reading list and some focus questions for the course.

A few days later I was talking with one of my committee members, telling him that I was not, after all, going to apply for the Concordia job. Then, to change the subject, I started telling him about this draft syllabus I'd put together, and how it would be a great course. He agreed that it was the type of course that would probably get a lot of student interest, and be a good vehicle for a lot of philosophical themes that might otherwise seem remote.

This is the email I got today (LC is our Lincoln Center campus; the School of Liberal Studies (FCLS) is our adult education school):
From: D---@fordham.edu
To: jane-------@gmail.com
Date: 17-Sep-2006 12:28:58 EDT
Subject: Re: Fwd: [FEAST] njrpa call for papers

Dear Jane,

Would you want to offer your Philosophical Themes in Comics course in the
evenings at LC? I'm sure that it would be very popular if offered. I see
that the college of liberal studies is requesting two electives in the
evenings, and I only have one to offer. I would have to ask [the Chair of the Philosophy Dept.] and the deans of FCLS about this, of course. But it is an idea. We'd have to move fast to create the course, since I have to give in this schedule
tomorrow, and finalize it by Tuesday.

John D------
(names altered so as to not risk googly attention)

Anyway, I have no idea if this will actually pan out, but it's still kind of cool to think about. I wrote him back and said that OF COURSE I would love to do it, if I could. I'll keep you all posted. I will also post the syllabus once I finish typing it up.

The moral of the story is: yes, you CAN turn your procrastination into valuable career stuff. Huzzah!

jane 2:26 PM [+]

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