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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Fun With My Father!

Sometimes I am tempted to change my last name... but why should I let him have it? ARGH. Here's my dad's latest comment, in response to this piece in the Globe & Mail about Michaelle Jean addressing the Nova Scotia legislature, in which she comments about how racism still exists. It's a short little piece, I'm sure it was a good speech, and it's the type of thing that she is supposed to do.

My dad, of course, hates the monarchy & so hates the GG-ship in general. So that's part of it. Here's the link to my dad's comment, so you can see it in context. But of course he forwards them all to me and a few of his buddies, so I don't even have to look for them (the subject matter for this email referred to the "Suntanned GG"). Here's the text:
Another GG idiot is heard from. Wow. Who will the next one be? What racist or ethnic or tribal group will it (sic) represent? When will Canada become a republic and dump this useless nonsense? Speaking of which, it should be pointed out that there is no historic constitutional precedent or place -- in a (read this v.
carefully) 'constitutional democracy' (not 'parliamentary democracy') -- for
a monarch, never mind some emblematic how-many-votes-can-the-party-get-appointment of an air-head who happens to be a member of the vote-targeted community (most of whom, in this case, are too stoned or too busy faking 'make-work' for taxpayer-funded wastes of money-and-time to vote anyway). Perhaps the lady in question at the moment
should do some real work and understand that racism, ethnicism, tribalism is timeless, universal, and alive and well (or bad, whatever) wherever she would like to look -- including, very especially, where her ancestors came from, where they're still selling slaves to the arabs and the chinese. Us white folks got enough problems with Saint Al Gore and Saint Dave Suxzuki trying to extort the entirety of Western wealth to the slave-owning and -murdering Chinese to be greatly bothered about something that black folk now get bothered about, when white folk sorted it out a couple of centuries ago. Get real, idiot.

Ah, thanks Dad, for reminding me that racism is alive and well....

jane 9:29 AM [+]

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